What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017: Manage your items

Manage your items

Organise and classify your products however you want to, carrying out advanced searches in your catalogue in just a few clicks and displaying only the information that you need. You can create attributes of personalised itemss and assign an attribute value for an item, in accordance with the needs of your business. This development will help you to manage your items and create sales documents.
You will be able to filter your items depending on the values of the attributes that you have defined (colour, measurement, etc.), with which you will be able to add items to sales more efficiently.
To improve browsing and the integration with your web store even more, you can use the categories to group your items in a hierarchical structure, define your own customised categories and assign attributes to each category. When you add items to a category, the items will inherit the category attributes, so you will save time and you will guarantee common meaning in the items of the same category.