What’s New in Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017: An Office 365 Experience

 An Office 365 Experience

Microsoft has carried out its investigations and estimates that 40% of productivity declines when the user has to constantly change applications. This is why the new Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2017 is fully integrated with all Office tools to offer a comprehensive experience without changing tools.


Keep up to date with all of the different parts that make up your business

Dynamics NAV 2017 works perfectly integrated with Office 365, which means that it is now easier than ever to manage business interactions with your customers and suppliers directly from Outlook. Browse between your Microsoft Dynamics NAV data and the tools you use in your day to day work at the office (for example, Outlook or Excel) without effort.
The improved compatibility allows you to create customers, suppliers, quotations and invoices easily without leaving your email. It has also improved the interaction with Word, which will help you to organise your documents professionally.
With Dynamics NAV 2017, you will be able to enjoy a transparent experience that will enable you to save time, increase your precision and offer your customers an improved experience.