What will the ERP of the future be like?

Have you ever asked yourself what the ERP of the future will be like? Business management system don’t want to be left behind and are constantly adapting to the demands and developments of the market. So much so that they are constantly being asked to be at the forefront of the needs of businesses.

In the last few years we have seen one of the biggest transformations to date: the implementation of the ERP directly on the cloud. This is how we have gained mobility and speed of implementation. Experts agree that it will soon be consolidated as the most widely used information storage model in the world and, therefore, both ERPs and the businesses themselves, must consider the process of adaptation towards this system as one of their priorities.

Another need that an ERP must deal with is the possibility of managing all of the processes of a business and encompass all of the business network to make it more productive and efficient. In fact, Microsoft Dynamics NAV already anticipates this function which will enable us to work with different tools, both of NAV as well as of productivity (Office, Outlook, Power BI etc.) without leaving the ERP.

Bearing this development in mind, the market trend currently demands that ERPs are:

    • Flexible: so that the business can benefit from all of the business opportunities which arise in their surroundings without having to carry out extreme changes.
    • Mobility: management software needs to be accessible from anywhere and from any device.
    • Information management: all of the information which is entered into the programme should be interrelated to give an improved strategic overview as well as an overview of the knowledge of their stakeholders.


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