What makes Business Central a complete ERP on the cloud?

To discover whether Business Central meets the requirements of a complete business solution on the cloud, first you should know what the fundamental characteristics are that define an ERP that works 100% on the cloud and also offers the functionality of this type of tool.

The typical characteristics that define a business management system on the cloud are:

    • Common Data Base
    • It supports multiple business domains
    • Integrated functionalities
    • Modular functionalities
    • Data is available in real time
    • Work roles and management of authorisations


Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central brings together all of these exclusive characteristics of a business management solution on the cloud. Business Central allows you to connect your finances, sales, projects, services and operations. You can manage your finances, automate and secure your supply chain, sell more intelligently and improve the service you offer to your customers and the performance of the project. All of this at the same time as optimising your operations.

The new generation of ERP on the cloud from Microsoft boosts the growth of a business by offering a comprehensive set of functionalities of applications on the cloud that can be easily extended through the use of AppSource applications, which is the portal on which partners throughout the world publish their solutions which complement the standard functionality of the product.

In Business Central, you only need to enter customer data once for it to be available in all areas of departments of the different applications. For example, a vendor can use customer data in sales documents, whilst the accountant uses the same data when processing a customer payment. In the warehouse, customer data is used by a warehouse employee in a sales shipment.

In addition, your business data will be available in an instant, anywhere and from any device which is entered on the system. Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central includes advanced security systems and the necessary configurations to protect the large quantity of information from unauthorised access. Not forgetting it integrates with other Microsoft cloud based services, including office 365, to increase your team’s productivity and to facilitate day to day work with the tool.

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