What is the health of your Dynamics NAV code?

Do you feel identified with any of the following statements? The users in their day to day encounter errors derived from code problems of the different developments carried out. Customizations have been carried out without much criteria for needs that can be solved by the Navision standard. Your implementation of Dynamics NAV is very recent, but there are modifications that do not respect the core of your business. The performance of the solution is not as expected.

Whether you are considering a change of partner or just want advise on the health of the code of your implementation of Dynamics NAV, now at Triangle we offer you a free analysis of your code.

What is the aim of an analysis of the code?

After signing a confidentiality agreement and receiving a copy of your objects (no data!), our consultants will analyze your code. They will write their findings and recommendations in a document that we will present to you.

Not only will you find a global assessment of the status of your implementation (from excellent to bad) but you will also access the details of the results. In addition, our team will add some recommendations and best practices so you can plan the next steps.

With the code analysis output you will have at your disposal all the information related to the health of your implementation. With the recommendations you can plan the next actions that will allow you to improve the status of your implementation of Dynamics NAV to improve your performance.

What can we observe in a code analysis?

An analysis of the code has many outputs that will allow you to understand what may be failing in your implementation. We look at such different points as for example:

Consistency of the documentation

Documented objects, list of versions, detail of the code. For Triangle a good documentation of the code is essential to ensure the vitality of your implementation. If you have changed partners over time, the code documentation may not be consistent or may not be coherent. In addition, a good documentation will allow you to change the partner when you want without the knowledge and logic of your customizations fading.

Existence of Add-on

Add-ons are certified vertical products developed by partners to add functionality to the tool. Normally, these are solutions to adapt the product to the casuistry of a specific industry.

The code of this product is the intellectual property of the partner. Therefore, the Add-on functionality is found in a numbering of the code to which only the partner that developed it has access.

If you work with any Add-on we will have to analyze it in detail to determine if a partner change is feasible and advisable and under what concepts. We will value if you really use the Add-on and in what percentage. We will examine if your own customizations have been developed by mistake in this type of numbering. And, in short, we can advise you on how to propose a possible change of partner with guarantees of success.

Modifications to standard objects and type of customizations

It is important to establish if there are developments that modify the standard objects of the application or if they modify your own objects that you have acquired for this purpose.

In addition, in a preliminary review of the code we can question whether the customizations made work correctly or if there is a loose end or development error.

Functionality available in the standard

Do you have a functional module developed by your partner when Microsoft has offered this solution in the product standard? For example, do you work with your partner’s SII (Spanish localization) module for Dynamics NAV instead of Microsoft’s? (If your version is superior to 2015)

Our advice is that you always try to work with the product standard, since Microsoft will be in charge of keeping this functionality up-to-date with the new legal changes and making the necessary modifications if bugs are detected.

Quality of integrations

Regarding integrations, do they comply with good minimum practices? For example, there are error log, automatisms for error notification, etc.

These are just some of the points that our consultants analyze in a health study of the Dynamics NAV code.

Why do we do it for free?

Since 1991 in Triangle we have focused on working exclusively with Navision. We are convinced that we are the most passionate partner for Dynamics NAV that you can find. Our goal is for users to take full advantage of the tool, thus helping to improve the ROI of your investment.

If with our recommendations and advice we can solve the main obstacles that separate users from using their ERP more, we are satisfied.

And, of course, there is no type of commitment. Of course we would be happy to start working with you if you wish to take advantage of Navision with our support service, but if you prefer to continue with your current partner, you will not receive any pressure from us after the presentation of the study. We promise you.

Get your Dynamics NAV code analysis!

If you want to get advice and answers to the current problems that your implementation of Dynamics NAV presents, you just have to click here to make your request for code analysis. We will contact you before 24h to sign the confidentiality agreement and start as soon as possible to analyze your objects.

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