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What financial possibilities does an ERP provide us?

The financial management of a company has become one of the most important processes in that last few years. The difficulties in bank finance have encouraged businesses to find alternative ways of financing themselves, such as the OTC markets. Meanwhile, and as a method for xx, there has always been a tendency towards the efficiency of business management.

ERPs are a tool which enable us to improve our efficiency since it enables us to plan future purchases and sales and, above all, payments and receipts. Using statistics and filters, a liquidity plan can be efficiently designed which gives the following possibilities:
– Reduction of the use of bank debt, with consequent savings in terms of financial costs
– Knowledge of in what state liquidity will be in the future and if it is worth using early payment discounts
– Finally, it gives an overview of resources and how to negotiate payments with both suppliers and customers.

The view people have of ERPs defines them merely as an administrative management tool, and as we have shown with the previous possibilities it provides, it can also be a tool which enables us to save a considerable amount of money, managing better what we have available.