What are the latest developments presented by the new version of the SII?

On 1st July 2018, version v1.1 of the Immediate Supply of VAT Information System comes into force with new requirements. Highlighted amongst the main functional developments it presents are:

    • A new type of “LC” invoice is created called “Customs- Complementary Settlement” in the purchase journal.
    • The Detail Exempt label <is added> in the <Breakdown Type block> to enable the breakdown of the exempt amount in the sales journal.
    • Invoices issued and received:

        • a new label is created to identify whether an invoice has been issued by a third party in accordance with the regulatory requirement.


        • A new label is created to identify the simplified invoices which identify the recipient.


    • “Supplyadditionalproperties.wsdl” is created: it describes the sending of additional properties when an invoice has more than 15 properties (allowed in sending XML). It will send a specific XML with the rest of the properties.
    • It includes a new code in the “method of payment/collection” field.
    • It creates the additional label <External Ref >in Issued invoices books, capital goods and specific intra-community operations. In this block it will only include XML in the response for the entries rejected for being duplicated. This way, you can find out the current status of the entry within the SII.
    • The Succeeded Entity block is created <>in the books for issued invoices, received invoices, capital goods, and specific intra-community operations and supply of other operations subject to tax in order to identify the billing records carried out by an entity in their condition as successor of another entity because of corporate restructuring operations.
    • The label RegPrevioGGEEoREDEMEoCompetencia is created <>in the books for issued invoices, received invoices and specific intra-community operations for those billing records with difficulties in being sent on time because they don’t have a record of their change in status to GGEE, of the incursion in REDEME or of a change in the inspecting authority.
    • It creates the Macrodata label <>in the books for issued and received invoices to identify invoices with an amount above a limit of 100,000 euros. In addition, new types of A5 and A6 communication are created for the issues invoices book. A5 to register travellers’ VAT refunds and A6 if these entries need to be modified.
    • They include quarterly intervals: schemes have been created for the new query which enables reported invoices to be queried by customers and suppliers.


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