What are the latest developments of Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2018 web client?

Web client latest developments

On Friday 1st December a new version of Dynamics NAV 2018 was launched. What are the latest developments for its users on their version of web client? We explain these to you below:

Customisation in web client

Personalise your work space directly on the browser! Personalisation is now enabled by default for everyone. To start, look for the Personalise menu option underneath your login avatar in the top right hand corner. As you make changes, they are saved immediately. The most requested characteristics have been added to Dynamics NAV 2018, which include:

    • Move, hide or show a field on the page.
    • Move, hide or show a column on the page.
    • Freeze columns to keep them visible whilst you move, like in Microsoft Excel!
    • Move or hide Cues.
    • Move or hide parts, such as Factboxes or Role Center.
    • Delete the personalisation of a page and start again.
    • For IT administrators, the capability of denying the personalisation of groups of users from the Profile page, or deleting the personalisation of all pages or the specific page for one user has been added.

Report preview in the web client
Until now, the report preview in the web client of Dynamics NAV was only possible in Internet Explorer, but now this is possible in all accepted browsers. You can obtain a report preview directly by selecting the Preview button in the request pages for reports. This displays the report using the new PDF viewer control, which enables you to use the keyboard and mouse to navigate through the report and download it to your PC. Report preview in the web client has been updated with a new design and additional characteristics. It works with all compatible browsers. A toolbar provides various functions to work with the report, such as zoom in and out, download to file and more.

web client
Two new characteristics are included:

    • Select text: This characteristic enables one or more words, paragraphs or lines in the report to be selected, and then copied and pasted into another place, such as a Dynamics Nav page or a Microsoft Word document.
    • Move the document: This characteristic enables the visible area of the report to be moved in any direction, so that you can see other areas. This is useful when you zoom in to see details.

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