We release Triangle 360, the new Customer Success Help Desk

We are very happy to be able to present Triangle 360, the new version of Help Desk from Grup Serveis Triangle that we have been working on for the last few months. Our objective in the Customer Success Department has always been to provide users with maximum knowledge and keep it in one space to optimise work. Today, we are a bit closer to this goal, with the new version of the portal. For a more in depth overview of the latest developments, look at this brief informative video.

What’s new?

Triangle 360 is a product with many functionalities. For this reason, we have redesigned it so that the creation work and monitoring of incidences and projects is as easy as possible. Our objective is for all teams to be able to work with Help Desk quickly and for them to use it to make their day to day work simpler and achieve their objectives. We want the next phase to become a data base of knowledge to which all Dynamics NAV users of a company have access.

First change: incidences view
A detailed view has been created which enables you to view information about incidences better, to be able to carry out the necessary actions. Now you have a new generic view where you will find all of the information regarding the incidence summarised and, in addition, you will be able to know and easily identify who has responded in the comments from your team thanks to team photos.

Update of the software changes functionality
In the software changes section there have also been improvements. The view has been updated, as well as in the incidences, and functionalities of attaching files and writing comments have been added, which weren’t available in this section.

New functionality: project management
The project management module has also been added to Help Desk to be able to manage all projects more effectively, both open, closed or rejected and all of their details.
This new section has been created with all of the existing functionalities of comments, attach files and generic view of all of the information.

A simple and clear experience
One of our priorities when we defined the redesign of the portal was undoubtedly the design. We wanted there to be a simpler and more refined user experience. Through the incorporation of new colours and the redesign of the organisation of items on the pages, we have tried to make the navigation of the portal easier and as intuitive as possible.