conectividad Dynamics 365 Business Central

Thrive in a digital world with Dynamics 365 Business Central (II/V)

We have prepared a series of 5 articles for you in which we explain how Dynamics 365 Business Central can help your business to thrive in a digital environment.

The digital transformation is taking connectivity to new heights

The loss of productivity when working on various systems which don’t communicate with each other is a problem for business owners and IT managers. Disconnected systems cause manual processes, duplicated entries and reports which are outdated before they have even been completed. The lack of visibility makes decision making more difficult and puts the longevity of your business at risk.

So that businesses can survive and thrive in this new era, they should adopt a digital transformation. But what is digital transformation? A simple definition is the use of digital technologies, such as mobile, social, analytical and cloud based technology to transform the working of people and businesses. Less mature digital businesses focus on solving discrete business problems with individual digital technologies. Businesses who connect their processes, systems, people and data can get a deep insight into what is happening in their business. They can also anticipate what will happen and benefit quickly from this information.

Traditional limits are being reformed by digital transformation. The historic gaps that existed between the different CRM ERP / accounting systems and other third party systems is becoming obsolete. In addition, the business applications that now work to perfection along with productivity tools such as email and data processing blur the lines between structured business processes and non-structured personal productivity so that people and businesses can achieve more.

For example, with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, you can transfer from one quotation to another without the complexity of having to change application. Configure customers or suppliers, create quotations, organise orders and send invoices without leaving your inbox. Export data easily and create outgoing documents directly in Word and Excel with a perfect integration between Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Office 365.


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