Easily create any business report within Excel

Reduce by half the time and costs of Microsoft Dynamics NAV reports with Jet Reports

Has the generation of reports become the crux of working with Dynamics NAV / Navision / Dynamics 365 Business Central?

You need reports in the format you want, in an environment with which you are familiar, without having to rely on technical resources. Without the right knowledge or the time to receive help, we often end up generating more manual work than we should have to copy, paste and export data to Excel to get reports when we need them.

In Grup de Serveis Triangle we recommend the use of Jet Reports, an advanced financial and commercial reporting solution designed specifically to work with Dyamics NAV from Excel. Jet Reports is an easy-to-use reporting platform where everyone can create reports and access their business data instantly.

6 benefits of working with Jet Reports

Do I really need Jet Reports in my company? How will it help me make better decisions?

It does not require coding

Non-technical users can create reports and ad hoc queries without developing knowledge

Easy to modify

Easily create and modify financial and operational reports in real time in any format

Work from Excel

Excel-based family user interface allows for rapid training and adoption

Forget the versions

Never again “guess” a report version by managing reports and automation

Ready for upgrades

Complete report portability from one version of Dynamics NAV to the next

Since the first day

Build reports from the first day and schedule reports to automatically run and distribute

Self-service reporting for all users

You must make decisions, not make reports manually

Dynamics NAV - Jet Reports

We know that the main objective of your business process management solution is to obtain valuable information and answers from all the data you enter. Get the reporting flexibility you need with our Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Jet Reports solution together.

Jet Reports leverages Excel to simplify reporting, streamline processes, and increase operational visibility within Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Dynamics 365 Business Central. Designed to maximize productivity, you can start using Jet Reports in less than a day, with:

  • Microsoft Dynamics NAV report templates pre-built and ready to take advantage of from the first day
  • Free format reports and drag-and-drop type design directly in Excel. It will be that easy for users to design and generate their own reports with the information they need at any time
  • Automated reports and execution schedule
  • Consolidation of multiple companies and reports of multiple databases
  • Collaborate, access and execute reports from any device

Also, if you wish, you can use Power BI as a visualizer of your data.

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