Renewed desktop experience dynamics 365 business central

Renewed desktop experience with Dynamics 365 Business Central

Microsoft has already presented the latest developments that the October release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central will include. One of the highlights is the availability of the on-premise version and the new product localization that we already announced in this post. Today we want to present the renewed user experience of the third generation of ERP from Microsoft.

A fresh and modern experience facilitates the adaptation of Dynamics 365 Business Central to your organisation and simplifies the learning path of the users. Customers obtain a new and renewed user experience which helps them to be more productive. The update is not limited just to the visual aspect: the experiences of the application are adjusted, simplified and improved even more. With a new look, Business Central will be easier to use.

The renewed desktop experience is centered on an improved distribution of data, making use of the screen space, a better visibility and legibility of data and a simpler navigation throughout the application. The details page (like the customer card) also have a new appearance, completing the visual update of all of the areas of the application with additional improvements throughout the application. With the new experience, users get a more optimised navigation with the Back button which prominently displays the left hand side of the page and with special commands of the dynamic system which take up the central section. These elements bring the navigation to the users, which enables them to stay focused on the data and the task in question.


Dynamics 365 Business Central customer card

Multiple elements related to lists, search windows and grids have been updated to be in line with the rest of the product and with the aspiration of Business Central to be a modern software on the cloud and on-premise.

Dynamics 365 Business Central list of customers

With the new command bar, users can now be more productive with a larger screen dedicated to their business data, reducing the space used previously for menus and ribbons. These new elements of the user interface are completely flexible and dynamic; they only show the characteristics and options that users need at a given time whilst they consume less space on the screen. All of the lists in the product now have a new updated design with a more flexible grid personalisation, tile view available throughout and with fast access to search and display. This enables the users to obtain an improved access to data where necessary and more quickly.Dynamics 365 Business Central search list