New release: Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

We already have the official date for the release of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central in Spain. It will be on 2nd April! It was announced by Alysa Taylor, General Manager, Business Apps and Strategy in a post in the Dynamics 365 official blog.

At the end of this spring, Microsoft will launch Dynamics 365 Business Central. A unique solution stored in the cloud that will enable you to manage finances, operations, sales and customer services. It is, undoubtedly, a huge opportunity that will enable any business to update itself easily from the accounting software they are using or other ERP systems with less capabilities.

This new ERP on the cloud, based on a monthly subscription model, will have all of the operating power of Dynamics NAV, the ERP of reference from Microsoft for small and medium sized companies which has more than 160,000 implementations around the world. In addition, it offers great value because it integrates with other services on the Microsoft cloud, including office 365, and it can be customised or extended to the needs of each business with PowerApps, Microsoft Flow and Power BI.

What does Dynamics 365 Business Central offer?

Dynamics 365 Business Central offers all of the power of Dynamics NAV on the cloud. But not only this, it is also a unique solution in the package it offers:

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  • Integrated business: Unify your business and increase efficiency with automated tasks and work flows, all integrated with tools you are already familiar with from Office such as Outlook, Word and Excel.
  • Actionable information: Achieve better results and obtain a complete overview of your business with connected data, business analysis and orientation provided by Microsoft’s leading intelligent technologies.
  • Solutions made to evolve: Start quickly, grow at your own speed and adapt yourself in real time with a flexible platform that facilitates the extension of Business Central depending on your business needs.


Dynamics 365 Business central will be released on 2nd of April, 2018 in 14 countries, including Spain, and you can purchase it through Grup de Serveis Triangle, certified Microsoft Silver Partner.

At Triangle, we are excited about the launch of this new product, since we have worked with Microsoft Dynamics NAV for 27 years and we continue to believe in its capabilities and now we can take it to smaller companies.

If you still want more information, you can go to the official product page.

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