Microsoft ends Dynamics NAV 2015 support

Manufacturer support for Dynamics NAV 2015 will end on January 14, 2020.

However, those who have extended Microsoft support will continue to have NAV 2015 support until January 14, 2025 as indicated in the official site. As for Dynamics NAV 2013 R2 (and other versions earlier), Microsoft already stopped supporting them in September 2018, allowing the purchase of extended support until 2023.

What does it mean for Microsoft to stop supporting your version of Dynamics NAV?

The end of the manufacturer’s support means that Microsoft will no longer offer bug fixes, errors, patches or update packages (such as legal changes such as the case of the SII, percentages, payment periods, etc.). In addition, all compatible third-party applications will no longer be updated for this version.

If an error is found when the expected and actual behavior of the ERP does not match, a problem is generated in the software that Microsoft solves by delivering a patch with the solution. If you are in a discontinued version, Microsoft will not remove the patches to keep that version of Dynamics NAV up to date.

If your business is growing or evolving, you will continue to find architectural bottlenecks with old software. It is possible that you have worked comfortably and well with this version until now, but as you grow as a company, you can overcome the functionality of Dynamics NAV.

What are your options if you work with Dynamics NAV 2015?

If you are in the previous situation, you should know that from Grup de Serveis Triangle, we will continue to offer our support service and, if necessary correct bugs and add functionalities to your oldest NAV ERP, regardless of the support plans from Microsoft .

Of course, we encourage our customers to stay updated and migrate to the new version of the tool, known as Dynamics 365 Business Central to take advantage of the improvements that Microsoft is offering in this latest version of your ERP.

But if you are not prepared to carry out a migration, in Triangle we will continue to be by your side and work day to day with your current version of Dynamics NAV until you are ready to make the leap.

Would you like more information about Dynamics NAV 2015 support?

Check out these support frequently asked questions .

To know what you can do to prepare for the end of the support of your version of Dynamics NAV, you can contact us by chat. We will explain the tools we have to help you maintain your version with ease.

How to get Business Central?

To maintain the reliability and stability of the ERP, Microsoft recommends transitioning to Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. See Business Central prices.

Also if you are interested in updating the version of your ERP contact us, we are constantly training in the latest developments that Microsoft presents for this version.

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