Posting preview dynamics nav

Microsoft Dynamics NAV posting preview

This time, we want to explain one of the new functionalities incorporated into Dynamics Nav since the 2016 version and which has historically been requested by Navision users. It is the posting preview, which enables you to review the actions that are generated after the posting of purchase/sales/service documents and journals. This option has many benefits, such as understanding the effect that the transaction will have one it is posted, reduce errors in the record and have confidence in the configuration which was created previously.

The option is available in the options ribbon of the purchase/sales/services documents and journals in the section of the record:


When you access it, the posting preview window will appear, giving a list of related actions that will be affected in the transaction.

Posting-preview-in Dynamics-NAV-2

You can access the details of the different actions from this window, as well as check in the browser window once the transactions are posted. The only difference will be the value in the “Document number” field which hasn’t been assigned yet, because the transaction hasn’t been posted.