Integrate your ecommerce with Dynamics NAV

Your ecommerce is the showcase that opens doors to the world and that allows you to present and sell your products. For many, it is surely their only sales channel. Hence its importance.

If you have an ecommerce and you work with an ERP, you must have both platforms connected. If you connect your ERP, Microsoft Dynamics NAV, with your online store, you can perform an optimal management of your business.

Linking your website with Dynamics NAV has great advantages whether your ecommerce is a B2B or B2C. Keep in mind that the level of integration will depend on which ecommerce manager you are using (Magento, Prestashop, WooCommerce, etc.) and the available connector.

Next, we will list some of the benefits that will arise from the interrelation of applications.

Dynamics NAV, previously known as Navision, is introduced to the market now under the name of Dynamics 365 Business Central. For the purposes of this article, integration would be possible with any of the product versions.

Benefits of integrating Dynamics NAV with your ecommerce

Comprehensive management of your catalog

Keep the catalog of your products always updated: available inventory, features, images, prices, offers and discounts, among others. Manage all this information from Dynamics NAV and it will automatically be reflected in your ecommerce. As you will manage all the information from a single point, you will avoid mistakes that you could make if you have to enter this information in duplicate. And at the same time, you will be optimizing the time and tasks of your team.

On the other hand, you will improve the customer’s shopping experience, since they will always have all the updated information. Your experience will be faster and more comfortable.

In addition, if you have customer loyalty space (either for final customer or for suppliers) you can set specific rates and discounts for each customer. This information will be communicated directly by Dynamics NAV to your ecommerce and prices and discounts will be applied accordingly.

Synchronization of clients

Not only is your catalog synchronized, but also your customer’s master. This will get the information your ecommerce to know if the customer in question has special conditions of purchase.

Advanced order and sales management

Orders for your ecommerce will be created automatically in Dynamics NAV when the customer’s payment is accepted. After just a few clicks.

As order entry management is automated, manual errors are avoided. It will be from Dynamics NAV where you will track the status of the order.

In addition, since the orders coming from your ecommerce will be created in real time in Dynamics NAV, you can start preparing them immediately. You will thus increase your response time and obtain more satisfied customers.


If you want to boost the growth of your business in the network and optimize at the same time the processes of your company in Dynamics NAV. If you are interested in exploring the options offered by the integration of your ecommerce with Dynamics NAv, get in touch with us here and we start working to make it a reality.

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