Importance of SQL maintenance for Dynamics NAV

A database, is the heart of your application, is where all Dynamics data is stored, which can perform several operations with this data, such as showing it to the user, entering new records or modifying them, performing a subsequent statistical analysis, being able to resume business with former clients, offer new products to current clients or start your international expansion.

Why do I have to do a maintenance on my database?

All time Dynamics Nav is accessing our database to perform any task related to this information, so it is very important that our database is well maintained and well optimized because it can cause our application to be affected by a poor performance generating waiting times and frustration to users.

How do I know if my database is well optimized?

To know if your database is performing well, we must take into account the following aspects.

The SQL server

A point to consider is to have an SQL server with enough CPU and RAM so that our database does not suffer delays in the requests it will receive.

If you have a configuration that limits the maximum amount of RAM that it can consume to the SQL instance, when all the server memory is consumed it can generate problems and affect the task management of the operating system itself.

The files

An SQL database can contain mainly 3 types of files.

  • Database file
  • Temporary archive

LOG file

These files must be stored in different disk drives (HDD), because when making queries, modifications or insertions, when reading and writing to different drives, you can manage them faster.

The maintenance

When performing SQL maintenance it is very important to periodically check the server consumption, especially at times of the day where many users are working hard.

A series of controls should also be carried out on the size of the database, in order to estimate how much the database will grow, and thus increase disk space if necessary.

It is very important to make daily backup copies of your database and log file. These tasks have to be monitored to ensure that you will always have the last copy of the day saved and if possible you should also make a copy on a Cloud storage.

The log file has to be emptied after copying, this is necessary because the file increases its size significantly during the day and if it is not emptied, we may run out of disk space.

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