Importance of a Test environment

If your company is standard and doesn’t have any changes, a test environment isn’t necessary. It will be enough to create a Test company in the same Data Base. In this test company, you can check the new functionality of the product without the risk of affecting existing data, and it will also serve as a training environment for new users of the tool.

However, if your company does have its own changes, a separate test environment is necessary. At Grup de Servis Triangle, we always recommend as good practice that all of our Dynamics NAV customers have a Test environment. This environment simulates a similar environment to that of Production, with the aim of testing the upload of items (.fob files mentioned in another article) and the new functionalities developed for you before uploading them to the Production environment.

This Test environment doesn’t need to have Navision data updated in real time, but it does need to have the same changes that exist in the Production environment. Remember that the testing phase will be easier if you update the environment regularly by carrying out a copy of your business’ production environment.

This way, with a Test environment, the risk of generating errors in your Production environment and a potential loss of data is minimised. In addition, when you are using the Test environment, this doesn’t affect the users who are working on the tool’s real environment. Therefore, they will not be affected by potential problems with speed or blockages.

This environment can be stored on the same SQL server as the production environment and should have minimal maintenance tasks.

So that you don’t get confused as to whether you are working on the Test or Production environment,carry out this simple configuration and you will never have any doubts about it.

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