How to use the user tasks in NAV 2018?

One of the developments presented by Dynamics NAV 2018 is the User Tasks, a feature which enables you to configure and carry out the monitoring of tasks that are to be completed (whether it is a one-off or a recurring task). The tasks can be created for yourself or be assigned to other users. When assigning a task to a user, it will show in their Role Centre.

When the User Tasks tile is selected, it opens a page where tasks can be created. Select the ‘New’ button from the options ribbon. Enter a Subject, the Task description, the Due date, the Start date and the Priority.
The task can only be assigned to one user and there is an option to indicate the Link for the task to the page or report to which the task refers.

User tasks 2
You can also make a task recurrent by clicking on ‘Recurring frequency’ on the ribbon. Enter the ‘Recurring start date’, a formula for the frequency of the occurrence and the number of times the task should be repeated, and click on ‘Accept’.
In this example, the task will be carried out monthly throughout 2018, starting on 30/03/2018.
After selecting ‘Accept’, the tasks will be displayed on the “Pending user tasks’ page, in Due Date order. The expired tasks will be displayed with a due date in red.

User tasks 3

If you select ‘Go to task item’ form the options ribbon, it will take you to the page of linked tasks or to the report specified in the task. If you select the ‘Edit’ button from the ribbon, you can change the task, change the user the task is assigned to, the % completed, the priority or the due date. You can mark the task as complete by selecting ‘Mark complete’ on the ribbon, either from the user Task or the list of pending tasks; by marking the button automatically, the User completed by and Completion date fields will be filled.

User tasks 4

If you select the new tile ‘My user tasks’ and then click on ‘Pending user tasks’, then Remove filter, you can see all of the tasks, whether they are complete or not.

User tasks 5

You can see previously completed tasks marked by % completed; and you can also see the tasks assigned to other users.

User tasks 6

Now, create our first user task and tell us your experience in the comments.

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