How to use Dynamics 365 Business Central out of the office?

Now that summer is approaching you will surely be wondering what options you have to continue working with Dynamics 365 Business Central while you take advantage of the sun on Friday afternoon. In addition, summer is a time when many of us travel and, as a connected professional that directs your company, Business Central will make it easy for you. Maybe you are at the airport and would like to check the pending orders to deliver or before starting your diving course on the Costa Brava you want to verify that you have all the payments ready for that day.

Whatever the situation you are in, you can use Dynamics 365 Business Central on your mobile phone or tablet, using the native Business Central app. You can download the app, whatever the operating system with which your device works. Next, we leave you the shortcuts to the most common:

Get if from Apple
Get it from Google
Get it from Microsoft

Business Central app login

Regardless of where your solution is hosted (Cloud Azure from Business Central Cloud, on-premise or in a private partner cloud) you can use the same app to access your data. Once the app is downloaded, on your first login you must provide the access credentials to Business Central. That is the email with which you access Business Central and, of course, your password (as you can see in the image on the left).

On the other hand, if you work locally on your own servers or in a hosting provided by a partner, then before entering the email you must select the option “My Business Central is not in the cloud yet”. To the screen you will access, you must enter your Service Name, that is, the web client address of your Business Central installation. Hint: usually has the following structure: https://<yourdomain>.com/BC130 or https://businesscentral.<yourdomain>.com (for example: If you do not know Service Name, do not worry, your partner will provide you with the link.

Once you have logged in, you will have access to your company’s data, so congratulations! Depending on your device, you will visualize in one way or another the content of your ERP, but it should look similar to the following image:

Dynamics 365 Business Central MobileFrom this moment you can work with all your data and you can have the same functionality that you have in the web client and the Windows client, although as you will see, presented differently to adapt to the measures of the device. It is not about any synchronization process or data replication. At the moment when someone from your company in the office believes, for example, a customer, you can refresh and see this information on the mobile device.

But the app is not designed just to be a data viewer but you can work with all the ERP functionality: from creating purchase orders, approvals to not block your colleagues, check products and inventory, etc.

In addition, the app is designed taking into account the characteristics of each device so that your work experience is always optimal. For example, on Android and Windows devices takes advantage of the back button of the device itself while in Apple products it adds the button to go ‘Back’ since this hardware does not have this button.

Functionality to go beyond

When you work from your mobile device, you will not only be able to access all the functionality of Business Central, but you will also discover interesting surprises. As an example, you can take a photo of a product from your inventory directly from your cell phone camera or you can use the location of your GPS, among others.

Have you worked with Dynamics 365 Business Central from your mobile device? Explain your experience in the comments section.

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