How to create record links Dynamics NAV?

Microsoft Dynamics NAV can be used to bridge the gap between the unstructured information of email messages, local folders and the structured information in a document administration system. This is achieved by linking the unstructured information to specific forms in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

Below we will show how to create links to documents and websites from Microsoft Dynamics NAV.

The characteristic of record links is a generic function that works in all areas of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It allows users to add, open and delete links in any record of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The user can add links from the tool bar of any window, which opens the links window for the specific record. The keyboard shortcut is CTRL + Q

Dynamics NAV record links

The links are also visible from the factbox windows which can be displayed in the different tabs.

Dynamics NAV record links 2

Create links to related documents

If you want to save a letter for a customer in their card for future reference, the document you want to save must be located in the company’s shared drive. To do this, follow the steps below:

1. Access the relevant Customer card from the Sales and Marketing, Order Processing and Customers menu.
2. In the Starttab of the toolbar, select Links. A list of all of the documents linked to the current customer card is provided in the window that appears. If there are no links, the window will be empty
Dynamics NAV record links 33. In the configuration wheel button, select the option New to add a new document.

Dynamics NAV record links 4
4. When selecting the option Save, the Word document is linked to the customer card in Microsoft Dynamics NAV.
5. You will be able to open the linked document by clicking on the option Open.

Dynamics NAV record links 5

Create links to websites

You can also save a website as a link from a sales order in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. Follow the steps below:

    1. Open the Sales and Marketing menu and then, Order processing and open a sales order.
    2. Select the paperclip icon or use Ctrl + Q.
    3. In the window that appears, write the website URL.
    4. The linked website will open in internet explorer by clicking on the Open button.

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