How to configure soap services in Dynamics NAV?

A few weeks ago, in this article, we explained in detail the different integration options with other applications offered by Dynamics NAV, whether they are “SOAP Services” or “OData Services“.

In this post, we will delve into a more purely technical aspect and detail how to perform a correct configuration of SOAP Services. First, we will start by explaining the SOAP Services through which we will publish the methods defined in an object of type CodeUnit:

Soap Services Dynamics NAV

First of all, it is necessary to verify that we have the Dynamics NAV 18 instance correctly configured to offer SOAP Services. For this we must go to the administrator panel of the application “Dynamics Nav 2018 Administration” and make sure that the configuration is what can be seen in the following image:

Soap Services Dynamics NAV 2

Special attention to the following requirements:

  • Use NTLM Authentication: Allows the use of Windows user authentication when connecting to the SOAP Service.
  • Enable SOAP Services: Activate these services.

Once we have our instance correctly configured, we have to publish our object in the SOAP Services adding a new line of type “Codeunit” and the ID of the object in question (since our object in this example is a Codeunit). In the case of being a page we should choose the type Page or in the case of a query type query.

Soap Services Dynamics NAV 3

It is very important to check the boxes of “All Subscribers” and “Published” so that the object is published in the SOAP Services and that it is available to anyone who accesses it through the “SOAP URL”. “That Dynamics NAV itself provides us:

Soap Services Dynamics NAV 4

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