How do you reduce the annual BREP for Dynamics NAV?

If the current amount to renew the BREP of your Dynamics NAV license is high and you need to reduce it to be able to invest in other strategic areas of the company, you should ask yourself: Am I using all of the users and items of my license? Can I get rid of something?

Let’s look at the example of a fictitious company who has the following license:

Dynamics NAV brep
The renewal amount of the BREP of this company would be:

Dynamics NAV brep 2
If you want to deactivate a module, the working is the following. There is no charge for deactivating modules or users. You can only deactivate additional modules to the basic packages, in other words, those which have a quantity other than zero in the “User counts” column of your license information.

On the assumption that your license has 22 users (Full Concurrent User CAL), 3 included in the basic package and you have bought 19 additional ones. So, in this license, you could activate up to a maximum of 19 users.

If you deactivate users, you can also deactivate CALs from SQL, the basic package doesn’t include any CALs, so the 22 are considered as additional. You can also deactivate up to 19 CALs from SQL, since each user has an SQL CAL.

Other modules you could deactivate in this license are the objects (tables, pages, reports, etc). On the assumption that you have 6 packages of 10 tables, you should bear in mind whether you have developments. If so, you shouldn’t deactivate them. If the tables don’t contain any developments, you could deactivate them bearing in mind that, if you bought them in packages of 10 tables, you should deactivate in packages of 10 tables, i.e. you couldn’t deactivate just 2 tables.

You must consider that you should only deactivate the modules/users who are not being used since, when they are deactivated, the license file will change to reflect the decrease in access to the module/user and the new license must be uploaded onto the programme.

The modules which are components of a suite or package or which are a prerequisite for another module cannot be deactivated.

In addition, you should be aware that there is a reactivation fee of 100%. This means that if you later decide you want to reactivate the modules/users, you would have to pay a fee equivalent to 100% of the current list price of modules/users to be reactivated, plus improvement/support pro rata.

Below we are going to make the assumption that they remove 2 users:

    • The value of the SQL license will decrease by €164, so the new total value will be €1.646.

The total value of the SQL CALs: €1804 / 22 CAL = €82/CAL

The total value of 2 SQL CALs to deactivate: €82 x 2 CAL = €164.

    • The value of the SQL license will decrease by €4,500 so the new total user value will be €38,250 and the license total will be €55,500.

The total value of the Full Concurrent Users: €42,750 / 19 users = €2,250/user

The total value of 3 users deactivate: 2,250 x 2 users = €4,500

In this assumed scenario, the new BREP amounts would be the following:

Dynamics NAV brep 3
This would mean a saving of €752.80 in terms of BREP annually.

To deactivate users or objects, you should complete and sign a form and send it to Microsoft for it to be processed (it normally takes 1-2 working days), once the modules are deactivated you will receive the new license to upload to NAV, and in the next renewal, you will see the decreased amount of your BREP.

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