Personalize Navigation Pane Dynamics NAV

How do I personalise the navigation pane in Dynamics NAV?

The navigation pane is the main menu in which the links to the application are found structured in different folders named “sets of menus”. Each set of menus includes the content corresponding to a specific department area (for example, finances or manufacturing). The navigation pane is available from Dynamics NAV version 4.0 onwards.
The navigation pane displays part of the menu’s content when you are looking in run time and, another part when you are looking in design time. The corresponding item in design time is called the navigation pane Designer.

Navision navigation pane

In this article we explain how Dynamics NAV end users can personalise the navigation pane. The actions involved don’t require special permissions on the data base to the normal user permissions.

Navigation pane options

In the Options window of the navigation pane, to which you will gain access by right clicking on the empty space situated below the direct access button, you will be able to configure the way in which the navigation panel windows open.

Navision navigation pane 2
The meaning of each option will be explained below:

    • Group with a click: If it is activated, the groups of menus will open and close with a click. Otherwise, you will need to double click on the groups to open and close them.
    • Display lines of groups: If activated, there will be a line for each item in the group to which it belongs.
    • Tracking active windows: If activated, when moving between the windows of the programme, the element from the corresponding menu will be selected. However, this function only applies to windows opened from the menu.
    • Alternating opening and new actions: if activated, left clicking an item with the mouse will open a new window.


Options accessible by right clicking the mouse

To open an item from the menu from the navigation pane, you can left click or right click with the mouse. You can right click on the mouse on an item in the menu and select any of the options listed below:

    • Open in a new window: it will open a new window each time you left click with the mouse on an item in the menu.
    • Cascade windows one by one: the program will change the focus to one of the open windows corresponding to the item of the menu each time you left click on said item. If you click several times, you will go from one open window of this item of the menu to another, until you explore all of them.
    • Switch windows: the programme will change the focus to one of the two last opened windows corresponding to the item on the menu each time you left click on the mouse on said item. If you click several times, it will switch between the last two windows opened from the item of the menu in question.


Personalisation of menus

Users can change the number of menu buttons that are displayed in the navigation panel and the order in which they are displayed. Menu groups and items from the menu can also be displayed or hidden.
When parts of the menu are hidden that the end user doesn’t normally use, it is easier to find the items that are used. Hidden items are not deleted; they can be displayed again at any time.
To hide a button or item from the menu, right click on it and then click on Hide.

To display a menu button, right click on any button or element of the menu and then click on Display. Next, select the menu you want in the Display menus or Display items windows.

Navision navigation pane 3

To move a button on the menu up or down, right click on it with the mouse and click on Move up or Move down. Repeat this action until the button reaches the location you desire.