[Solved] Your program license does not permit more users

In view of answering questions from several users we have decided to solve a series of common errors in Navision or Dynamics NAV. One of these, is the the following error message “Your program license does not permit more users”.

  • Wait for another user to stop using the program.
  • Contact your system administrator if you want more concurrent users in your system.

Where to see user connections?

From the application on the license information page, you can see the number of concurrent users that have the license.

From the page of sessions, you can see the connected users, from what date and time, and if anyone has more than one session open …

And from the CLOSE SESSION icon they can be deleted if a session has been inactive for many hours or days.

Why does the error happen Your program license does not allow more concurrent users ?

The users in NAV in older versions of dynamics nav and navision are concurrent, that is, if you have a license with 5 users, only 5 users can enter at a time, you have to wait for another user , exit the application. It can also happen that your user has forgotten to close and the session has been active.

In case the connected users are correct and only have one session, the user must wait for another user to exit the application or they should contact their Microsoft partner, to acquire new product sessions (users).

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