Enhancements Dynamics 365 Business Central April Release (I/III)

The April 2019 release of Dynamics 365 Business Central has already seen the light! If you work with Business Central Cloud there are two ways to stay up to date with the new version: schedule the update or wait until the 30th of that month. On that date, unless otherwise indicated, all companies working in the cloud received the news of the new version. Presented in Directions NA, the new Business Central release introduces more than 100 functional improvements, as well as improvements in performance and in the administrator console.

We are going to review in a series of articles, the enhancements that have fascinated us the most and which are the ones that we think you will use more often.

Work date indicator

It’s the end of up doubting what work date you are working with. From now on, you will see a new work date indicator when you need it (and when the work date is different from today’s).

fecha de trabajo dynamics 365 business central

If you only work with the day’s work date, you will not notice any changes. But advanced users, who work with dates different from the current day through non-intrusive notifications, may:

  • Adjust the work date
  • Change the work date to the current day
  • Disable notifications

Change descriptions in accounting movements

Now you have the possibility to modify a description of a previous accounting movement if you made an error during the registration or if you need to modify it. From the general accounting entries page you can edit the Description field. In this way you will overwrite the description of the original record. You can keep track of the changes made in these fields from the Change registry entries page.

descripcion movimientos contabilidad

Related to descriptions, although not only with the accounting movements, it is also worth noting that the maximum number of characters allowed in Descriptions and Names has been extended. It has been expanded from 50 to 100. Although it seems a minor change, it is a claim of a large number of partners and customers.

Improvements when scrolling in the lists

And to finish the article commenting on one of the most significant performance improvements, note that it has improved the displacement and load time in the lists. Have you already experienced it in the first person? Users who spend much of their time working with lists (analysis, data entry, data modification), will undoubtedly appreciate this improvement since in very large databases, there were certain performance problems.

Microsoft has changed for this release how the tool captures data to improve viewing times and gain agility when navigating between lines and cells. It is very unlikely that you will see the message “Retrieving more rows” again. As you can see in the following image, the user experience has been significantly improved when we move between rows, which load according to the scroll to ensure that the experience is not degraded.

scroll experience dynamics 365 Business Central

What do you think of these changes? Do you think that one will improve your user experience with Dynamics 365 Business Central? Do not hesitate to leave us your opinion in the comments section.

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