Do you need training in Dynamics NAV?

Whether you are starting out with Dynamics NAV or you are already an experienced user, the training plans

from Triangle are ideal for you to learn to use all of your ERP’s functionality

Do you have the feeling that you are only taking advantage of 10% of the possibilities offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV for the management of your company?

The success or failure of the proper functioning of Dynamics NAV depends on the training given to the team that will work daily with the tool and its continuous updating.

This is why Grup de Serveis Triangle has designed Dynamics NAV training courses for all types of profiles, both functional and technical, and for all levels: from beginners to ongoing training.

Increase productivity, improve your team’s performance and optimise the use of the tool with training plans designed by Grup de Serveis Triangle.

Training plans

Without knowing how to use it, the best tool is worthless. Results don’t improve, and investment doesn’t pay off either.

The only option is to learn to use it effectively.


      • Introduction to Dynamics NAV
      • Configuration and accounting
      • Accounting and account budgets
      • Management of VAT
      • Capital and insurance assets
      • Banks
      • Manage collections and payments
      • Dimensions: analysis and reports
      • Purchase and sales invoices


      • Banks and advanced settlement
      • “Cartera”
      • Dimensions: advanced analytics
      • Management of orders (purchases and sales)
      • Stock, prices, rates and discounts
      • Inventory Management
      • Demand Management
      • Security, profiles, roles and permissions


      • Cost accounting and cash flow
      • Warehouse systems Management
      • Receipt, location, picking and transit
      • Services Management (SAT)
      • Manufacturing
      • Relationships, opportunities, sectors and campaigns
      • Development tools of the application
      • Creation and modification of objects
      • Debugging and Rapid Start

Do you want to become an expert in Microsoft Dynamics NAV?