Discover the functionality offered by Dynamics 365 Business Central

Dynamics 365 Business Central is a comprehensive business management solution, easy to use and adapt,

which will help you to connect your business and to make more intelligent decisions.

Manage your finances

Make the best decisions

Connect all of the data from your company to obtain a comprehensive overview of your business. Furthermore, you will be able to view this data easily in charts thanks to the integration of Business Intelligence tools.

Improve the accuracy of forecasts

All of the financial functionality of NAV

Control the basic general ledger, quotations, delays, fixed assets, audits, bank accounts, bank reconciliations, dimensions and currencies.

Add value to your sales

Offer an exceptional service

Manage opportunities

Keep a record of sales opportunities, interactions with your customers, differentiate the different stages of your sales processes, and use this information to increase your opportunities for cross-selling. sales opportunities

Optimise sales productivity

Automate your supply chain

Intelligent Inventory

Thanks to Cortana Intelligence, you will be able to predict what and when to restock a product, so that your inventory level is always optimal.

Your products, always trackable

Make your business profitable

Get recommendations about when to make payments to suppliers to benefit from discounts or avoid penalties. Furthermore, using approval workflows you will be able to avoid unnecessary or fraudulent purchases.

Efficient Project Management

Avoid budget deviations

Ensure the profitability of projects

Thanks to being able to check information in real time you will be able to make effective decision about the status of projects to guarantee their profitability and you will have room for manoeuvre if any of the metrics are not favourable.

Plan with precision

Carry out precise monitoring of customer invoices in relation to the planned costs of orders and quotations. Keep a register of the project tasks to invoice the customer and also manage fixed time and cost projects and the work materials used.

Coordinate your Human Resources

Classify your CVs

Group the information about your employees and organise it according to the different types of information such as experience, skills, education, trainings, etc.

Manage the costs of your employees

Optimise your operations

Improve planning

Service orders

Record your after-sales incidences, including service requests, expiry dates, service orders and repair requests. You will also be able to monitor the prices of your service.

Efficiency in managing your contracts

Record all of the indicative details about the level of your services such as response times, discounts and history of each contract, including details regarding used service items, freight and work hours.


Create production orders

Create and manage productions requests and publish the consumption and the result of them.

Optimise your manufacturing circuit

Forecast future demand

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