Scan and store documents in Dynamics 365 Business Central with Document Capture

Automate document receipt and processing quickly and efficiently directly in your ERP system.

Are you tired of manually transferring invoices and other documents you receive in paper or PDF format to your ERP?

Document Capture is a complete solution for scanning and automatic registration of invoices and other documents designed natively for Dynamics 365 Business Central (formerly known as Dynamics NAV / Navision).

It captures information from the documents you receive (paper, PDF or predefined email) using OCR technology, feeds it into the ERP so you can register it or have it automatically registered and archives all documents digitally.

What can you achieve with Document Capture?

Automated document registration

You have several options to initiate the automatic document registration flow: scanning the document on paper, dragging a PDF document, folder on a server or via an attachment to an e-mail address (such as [email protected]).

Whatever the input channel, the OCR technology will download and optically recognize the documents to recognize the information.

Automatic document reading

Document Capture has a powerful OCR engine that will read the processed documents to automatically display in Dynamics NAV / Business Central information from both the document header and the lines. In this way, without having to do any manual typing, it will enter in your ERP the supplier’s name, invoice number, units, description, totals, etc.

Matching invoices with purchase orders

Document Capture contains a set of functionalities for you to match purchase invoices with existing purchase orders or delivery notes in your ERP. You can perform this matching automatically on a header basis, line by line or manually.

Advanced Approval Flow

If you need advanced approval workflows that go beyond the capabilities of Business Central, Document Capture provides an advanced approvals module so that you can complete the entire approval cycle.

Through the Document Capture approvals portal, you will have a global view of documents pending approval, approvers, statuses, attachments, thresholds, various approvers, automatic assignment of approvers based on size, substitute approvers, and more. In addition, team members who do not have a Business Central license can complete document approval workflows by simply accessing the Web Approval Portal.

Digital archiving of documents

All documents will be stored digitally in PDF and TIFF format. This way, you will always be able to access them without having to keep a physical copy. In addition, through Business Central’s Browse function, you will have access to the scanned document in one click

Digitization certified by the AEAT

Document Capture is a solution certified by the Spanish Tax Administration Agency (AEAT). Thus, the digitized copies of paper documents scanned through Document Capture have legal validity. And this means that you do not need to keep the original paper copy.

In the event of a possible inspection or audit, you will be able to retrieve the digitized invoice from Business Central.

Device Frame
  • Main benefits

    • Various document input channels to be scanned.
    • Intelligent templates for automatic scanning.
    • Ability to work with multiple document types.
    • Automatic mapping between invoices and orders or delivery notes.
    • Digital archiving without the need to keep paper originals.
    • Increase your team’s productivity and optimize your circuits.
    • Searches the text of processed documents.
    • Automatic barcode detection.
    • Reading and processing of more than 180 languages.

Do you want to implement Document Capture in your company?

Getting started with Document Capture

  • Document Capture implementation in Cloud environments

    It includes all the necessary services so that you can start working with Document Capture in 1 week in your Business Central Cloud environment: application configuration, training and start-up support.

  • Document Capture Implementation in On-Premise environments

    It includes all the necessary services so that you can start working with Document Capture in 2 weeks: installation of the application, object merging, configuration, training and start-up support.

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