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Neovital Health & Triangle: Migration Case Study

NEOVITAL HEALTH is an international company committed to developing quality natural products to improve the health of the whole family. To this end, they offer products composed by plants, mushrooms, trace elements, vitamins and/or minerals for both children and adults.

The result? Quality products for a consumer who is increasingly aware of the benefits of natural products. How do they achieve this? Thanks to a pharmaceutical team that works daily to study new applications of natural active ingredients and their possible applications in the field of health.




When Neovital Health joined the Triangle family they were working with a Dynamics NAV 2015 implementation and wanted to migrate to Business Central’s SaaS environment. In fact, their beginning with Business Central  was complicated. “The data migration that should have been in the test environment was executed in the production environment and, therefore, we had big problems for years with the data as they had carried over customer balances that were not real, among others,” says Ariadna Sanahuja, Finance and Administration Director.

Despite the difficulties, the team became self-taught and created their own self-learning at NAV. “This is why I always encourage my colleagues to be curious and learn by trial and intuition,” says Sanahuja.

How Neovital Health met Triangle is a curious story. Their Marketing Director was looking for a company that could build them a website and integrate it with NAV and in that search Triangle appeared. As Triangle’s focus is 100% on Business Central, they could offer the connector but not the web design. As a result of this first contact, conversations continued to discuss a change of partner and a migration project.

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Due to the incorporation of a new company to the group and other factors that coincided at that time, Neovital decided that it was the opportunity to make the leap to the cloud and carry out this project hand in hand with Triangle.

“Although another partner was also considered, we decided on Triangle because the relationship was very fluid and easy from the first moment. In addition, everything you explained to us made sense and you always explicitly provided us with the information we requested,” adds Sanahuja.


In order to identify the status of the NAV Data Base, the Triangle team performed several preliminary actions. First, a code study was conducted to analyze the customizations made. “Leaving aside the fact that it was an outdated version, in the code study we observed that the database contained a large number of developments and customizations that the previous partner had added as the basis of the product and that Neovital did not use,” explains Sergi Puig, Technical Lead at Triangle and director of the SaaS update project. This led to a study of the modifications that would not need to be updated to the new version.

The go-live took place in July 2021 and although there was some peak of queries during that month, the return from vacations was placid and the whole team worked on the new version normally. Ariadna Sanahuja - Finance and Administration Director of Neovital

On the other hand, a study of data and set up was carried out to solve the data problems, so that Neovital could start in Business Central with a good data structure and with total confidence that the data was correct.

The migration was approached with a triple objective:

  • upgrade to the latest version of the tool with the correct data
  • reduce the volume of the DB by leaving behind obsolete or obsolete modifications
  • optimize Neovital’s working circuits

“In fact, out of 591 modified standard objects and local objects in own numbering, only 147 were migrated,” says Puig.

In addition, permission and profile modifications that were introduced in user configuration fields were left behind in favor of the creation of permission sets using standard BC functionality. Customizations related to the IRPF were replaced by an app from Triangle . And, among others, they started using the employee master (not available in NAV 2015) and left behind modifications that did not respect the ERP logic.

In order to achieve the third objective of the migration, the optimization of work circuits, several actions were also included in the project. First of all, an important change was made at the warehouse level, since the warehouse level was lowered, making the circuits more efficient for the team by eliminating unnecessary steps in the preparation of all shipments. On the other hand, Document Capture was implemented for the digitalization of documents, among other actions.

“I have no memory of the migration project being dramatic, so I remember it as a very positive change,” Sanahuja jokes. “The go-live took place in July 2021 and although there was some peak queries during that month, the return from vacation was placid and the whole team worked on the new version normally,” she adds.


As for the new version and work interface of Business Central, Ariadna is neither in love nor against it. On the positive side, she emphasizes that the team considers this new version to be easier and more intuitive. In particular, she highlights the customization capabilities at user level (show/hide fields, move columns…).

Whether the contact person is a developer, support agent, consultant, IT or project manager, the team is 10 because they always give me the explanation of why, its impact, its speed... Ariadna Sanahuja - Financial and Administration Director of Neovital

On the other hand, she misses the old Departments menu with all the shortcuts. How did she solve this? By using the Bookmark to set in the Role Center the main actions she needs in his day-to-day work.

As for the complicity created with the TRIANGLE team, Sanahuja explains that “she is delighted”. She adds that whether the contact person is a developer, support agent, consultant, IT or project manager, “the team is top-notch because they always give me the explanation of why, their impact, their speed…”.

neovital health

Regarding the services initiated after the migration, in a nutshell, she concludes that now “I have a team with which I can solve any problem”.

But NEOVITAL HEALTH’s future plans for Business Central do not end there. The ERP has been integrated with its web store in Prestashop and, in addition, in 2022 the second company of the group that is dedicated to the manufacture and formulation of products will start in the ERP and will be integrated with a new CRM solution.

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