3ina & Triangle: Change of Partner Case Study

3INA (pronounced Meena!) is much more than a cruelty free and vegan makeup brand. It is a global movement celebrates the diversity of real, honest and responsible beauty.  . For this reason, they market products made in Europe that are not tested on animals.

In only 5 years since its creation, the company sells products in more than 19 countries  and has doubled its team members.

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When 3INA Makeup joined the TRIANGLE family they were working with a Dynamics NAV 2016 implementation and had a list of requirements to improve their ERP circuits. Up to that point, the feelings of the team working with the ERP were of a certain helplessness as they did not have fluidity of communication with the team of their prior partner. 

“Before working with TRIANGLE we had a stabilized ERP with the minimum functionality, and when we tried to make improvements or change a complex process we had problems,” says Luis Alonso, IT Manager at 3INA. “In general, all the departments that used the ERP had a certain lack of functionalities, training or personalized attention”, he adds. 

To fill these gaps, the team became self-taught and each one opted for its own strategy. For example, Teresa Gonzalez, Senior Accountant at 3INA, explains that she started using the test enviornment: “Whatever I didn’t know how to do, I tried it in the training company without risking any data”. Sandra Sajardo, a member of the Supply Chain Department, adds that she found it necessary to make her own manual. 

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3INA Makeup reached a point where it had an important list of points that needed to be fixed and others that needed to be improved. It was at that moment, explains Luís, “when we saw that the attention we were receiving was not adequate and the search for a new partner began”. 

During this search of partner, the name Triangle came up and a process began in which the list of existing requirements was evaluated and the option of migrating to Dynamics 365 Business Central was put on the table for the first time. “Apart from evaluating the costs we would have in both scenarios, we also took into account what Business Central offered compared to NAV2016: working through the browser, from anywhere, and since we had just migrated to Office 365, it provided us with excellent integration…”, says Luis. 

What was 3INA looking for in its new partner? Luís, Sandra and Teresa agree that the main shortcoming was the support service they receivedslow responses, inaccurate advicelack of knowledge about the company’s structure and its ERP circuitsthe perception of a support service provided by junior profiles 


After the change of partner, while the migration project was being finalized, the onboarding of the support service was carried out progressively, first with an “emergency” support for the 2016 version and, once the migration process was completed, the support contract for Business Central was started.

The first impression after the change of partner was that the Triangle team knew the tool, and it was obvious. The level of service has changed radically: a 360-degree change. Teresa Conzález - 3INA Senior Accountant

On her side, what Sandra values most is the speed of the answers she receives from Triangle’s support team. 

“The support service started with confidence and now we are in constant contact with the 3INA team,” comments Sergi Puig, Techincal Lead at Triangle and project manager of 3INA’s migration project to Buisness Central SaaS. “They have regained confidence in what they can achieve in the solution and have eliminated the idea of not counting on the partner for problems or incidents,” he concludes. 

The migration to Dynamics 365 Business Central in its SaaS version was completed in three months. Although, as usual, there was some reluctance to change, the project progressed quickly. “I positively emphasize that no step was taken without Triangle’s team having a good understanding of our business and our particular scenario, to translate it into the new environment,” explains Luis. 


Being aware that it is very difficult to meet expectations, the 3INA team dares to say that they have been met at 95%.

The truth is that we are very happy, both with the service and other details that the Triangle team has provided.Luis Alonso - 3INA IT Manager

Regarding the new version they share “love and disenchantment”. Love in terms of the new functionalities implemented as a result of the migration project, such as payment journals, currencies, date calculations and small automations, among others. But also some disenchantment, especially in reference to the fluidity they had with the previous version. For this reason, they are looking forward to the improvements that Microsoft is making in each release, to be more agile with the tool.

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With Dynamics 365 Business Central, 3INA Cosmetics looks to the future with enthusiasm and energy. “The ERP still has many functionalities that can help us streamline and optimize our day-to-day processes. We have to evaluate them and, if necessary, implement them,” says Teresa. Luis adds: “Right now we are only using financial management and supply chain management, but there are modules for other departments that we may want to implement in the future, as well as other small improvements for users who already work with the ERP that we are already implementing”.

In her own words, Sandra is excited to note that the Supply Chain team has finally left behind parallel Excels and now performs all management solely from the ERP: “Before, we were a bit scared and kept Excels to check things out. Now we have stopped duplicating work and have unified all tasks in a single tool.”

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