Cost and impact of the NO decision on your ERP

Have you invested time and resources searching for a new ERP and finally the project has been stagnant? Does your current ERP not solve all your needs but do not know where to take time and resources to make a decision about it? Regardless of the situation in which you find yourself, if you are at the moment of making a decision regarding the implementation of a new ERP in your company you must bear in mind that the non-decision also has a cost and an impact on the results of your business .

In the following article, we will list the main impacts that non-decision can have on your company:

Big dose of frustration

Surely you already know the great frustration generated by working with a tool that prevents you from carrying out your daily tasks quickly and easily. In addition, this situation is aggravated if your tool does not respond to your business circuits and, in addition, you have to use complementary programs or even Excel sheets to control all your casuistry.

Users generate an animosity towards the ERP system that can be translated into reluctance and demotivation in the process of starting a new ERP if this frustration is not known to manage correctly and convert into motivation and positive energy.

Back to the old situation

If after a while researching the market, studying your requirements, making demos and considering all the new ERP solutions in the market, for lack of resources and time you decide not to change ERP, you go back to your old scenario. That is, you do not advance. We know that a change of ERP is a painful process that you surely face with fear and misgivings about your past implementation experiences, but continuing with an ERP that limits the growth of your company and the productivity of your employees is never the correct solution. Although it may be an uncertain scenario, moving forward is always the right solution as it brings us closer to our goals.

Time and money

Do not forget that the resources you allocate to research and test new ERP solutions in the market translate into an investment. Therefore, if after a period of considerations you decide to abandon the project, at the same time you are rejecting the investment made both in time and in budget.

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