Are you thinking about changing your Navision’s partner?

Triangle, your partner for the future

If you have the feeling that you are not taking full advantage of the full potential of Dynamics NAV, either because the quality of the service you receive does not meet your expectations or because your partner does not offer you what you need, it is time to consider a partner change. At Triangle we want to help you develop a long-term business strategy that allows you to improve your goals.

This is why we offer you all of our help in this process of change, so that the transition is as simple as possible and you receive the service you require from the beginning.

If you think you have reached the moment to make a change of partner, at Triangle we want to be your future partner.

6 reasons to change partner

If you identify with any of the following points, the time has come to change partner

They block the growth of my business

If you feel that your current partner is hindering the growth of your business, it’s time to create alliances with another partner who is willing to face new challenges with you.

They don’t understand the rules of my business

If the consultants you are currently working with don’t understand the business networks your company moves in, they can’t help you to design a strategy to enable you to create a future.

My partner is too big/small

Whether it seems like they ignore you, or they can’t offer you the service you need, it’s time to look for a new strategic partner to make the most of your ERP’s potential.

Frequent deviations

To avoid budget or delivery deviations, we work with Agile methodology which enables us to prioritise tasks, get you to take part in the project and scale costs depending on the final result you desire.

They don’t answer my doubts

Do you not find all of the help you need from the Support Department for you to be able to work properly with Microsoft Dynamics NAV? We have a technical and consultancy team who will respond to any of your doubts.

They manage my systems badly

If you work on the cloud and your systems administrator isn’t carrying out maintenance work correctly, we can transfer you to our flagship cloud, leader in Microsoft Dynamics NAV hosting.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you still have doubts about whether to change partner or how to carry out this transition, we’re here by your side

Will I lose my customizations?

If you decide to change partner, your customizations come with you. We will anaylse them in detail to be able to give support from the beginning.

What if I work on the cloud?

If your Dynamics NAV Data Base is hosted on your partner’s or a third party’s cloud, there is no problem. We transfer you to the cloud of our partner, SaaSplaza, who have received awards from Microsoft Gold Certified Hosting and Azure Circle Partner. It is a very simple process.

Contact us for prices of subscription licenses and nominal connection.

What process do I need to follow to change partner?

Making a change of partner is easy and quick. You just need to complete a form that we will provide to you and send it to Microsoft. We will be working together in just a few hours.

Should I make the change at a specific time?

If you have decided to change partner, you shouldn’t wait for a particular time. Contact us so we can help you during this transition.

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