Dynamcis 365 Business Central Intelligent


We continue with the series of post in which we present the news of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. As you will recall from our previous article, the October release enhancements of Business Central are grouped into four ambitious objectives:

  • MODERN: Provide the user with a modern browsing experience.
  • UNIFIED: Unify the two product lines (On-Premise and Cloud) in a single base code to ensure the homogeneity of functionality and continuity of both platforms.
  • INTELLIGENT: Introduce the great opportunities of artificial intelligence to day-to-day tasks.
  • ADAPTABLE: Adapt the tool to the needs of each client without creating high version upgrade costs.

In today’s blog post we want to focus on the third topic: “Intelligent”.


From now on, your ERP will not only be limited to analyze the historical data of your company, but it will help you visualize and precede the future so that you can make informed business decisions. This translates into a unique competitive advantage that is possible thanks to the native incorporation of Artificial Intelligence in Business Central.

You will be wondering how this ad translates into concrete functionality that the user can take advantage of in his day to day. Well then, we will show some of your applications.

Prediction of late payment

The late payment prediction will inform the user about possible problems with customer bills that will be paid late

Why was this functionality created? Late payments lead to less accurate cash flow forecasts and liquidity problems. As a consequence, there is a risk of configuring suboptimal payment methods for sales documents. The prediction of late payment will help the collection team to focus on risk bills and avoid unnecessary contacts with customers who pay on time, thus increasing their satisfaction.

Help during searches

In the new release of Business Central, not only do we find lists and documents when we use the search engine, but now it will suggest actions and help articles depending on the words we enter. This help functionality will now also make sure that the job is easier for the user. So if before we had to learn all the exact terms to perform a search, now the tool will be responsible for suggesting answers. An example? To access the staff holidays we had to search for “absences”. Now Business Central will make sure that you look for what you are looking for, find what you have to do.

Understanding human language

Like almost all mobile devices and applications, Business Central incorporates voice search. And not only that! Voice search has improved to “understand” the most difficult pronunciations. In fact, in Directions EMEA Marko Perisic joked about the voice search of “Item charges”, which the device recognized as “I tell Charles”, but which Business Central correctly reinterpreted as “Item charges”.

Do not hesitate to leave us your impressions in the comments section.

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