Business Central 2020 improvements with Wave 1

Microsoft presented on January 27 the news that will be included in the Wave 1 2020 release for Dynamics 365 Business Central. We value positively the importance that Microsoft gives to the users of the tool, listening to their requests and materializing their ideas in each new release. And, in this version, most of the improvements submitted correspond to requests submitted and voted on the portal  

Do you have any ideas or want to vote on any of the suggestions that have already been published? Do not hesitate to post it on the forum!

For now, only the news that will be included in the release have been published and, during the month of February, the partners will have access to it to technically assess these news and check that they do not conflict with the client’s own code extensions. To be able to work with the new functionality we will have to wait until April, which is when the version will be updated in cloud environments and will be available for installation in on-premise environments.

After analyzing the novelties in detail, we present below those that we believe are going to propel productivity in your day to day.

Application enhancements

Revert the ‘Amount to be billed’ when canceling an order

Has it ever happened to you that any member of the team has incorrectly registered the amount to be billed for a purchase / sale order? Then you will have found that if, for example, they have registered 5 units when they would have had to register 20, when you try to register the correct amount only 15 are available for billing.

Since partial shipping / receipt and billing of orders are common practices for many companies, this novelty aims to avoid errors in these processes, while providing them with robustness.

In this way, in the new release you can easily correct the invoiced quantities in the original orders when the invoices created from them are canceled. In this sense, the amount in the field ‘Amount to be billed’ will be updated automatically.

Receive more items than requested

A very common situation happens when more products are received than ordered, and it is more convenient not to return these products, so your supplier can offer you a discount or it is simply cheaper to keep them.

Through this improvement, those who process orders or work in the warehouse can now enter this surplus. First, you will have to configure the Over-Receipt Codes page and complete the tolerance percentage of the reception. On this page you can decide the additional% that you are willing to accept by default for each specific provider or for all.

For articles and suppliers you can check this tolerance in the Over-Receipt Codes field. When you have configured this Over-receipt field, you can enter a quantity greater than the one requested in the Quantity to Receive field in warehouse orders and receipts.

In addition, if you work with approvals, you will have an additional triger available to require approval if you receive more items than expected. The Approve Over-Receipt workflow has been enabled for this purpose.

Notifications in approvals

If the approval workflow seemed incomplete because you did not receive a final notification when all of your approvers had approved your application, you are in luck. As of this release, they incorporated the possibility of configuring that as an applicant for an approval the different approvals that your request is going through.

In this way, you will always be informed about the entire approval process.

Modern Client 

Disable data export to Excel

Following the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) law that imposes restrictions for the export of data, there was a need to define whether the data can be exported to Excel or not.

Previously, users could obtain a spreadsheet with required data from Business Central, simply by using the actions Edit in Excel and Open in Excel.

Now Business Central admins can disable some features that allowed users to quickly export data to Excel. This ability to export data from Business Central can be configured in D365 EXCEL EXPORT. If the permission for a specific user is removed, the Edit in Excel and Open in Excel actions will no longer be available on any page of the application.

Enhanced mobile accessibility related to device orientation

Microsoft continues to give importance to the interface and user experience with the tool, so that they can use it on different devices as if they were on desktop.

In both tablets and mobile phones, it is sought to increase productivity by minimizing the amount of scrolling that is performed on the screen to achieve easy and fast access to information in FactBoxes or Role Centers.

In addition to facilitating more fluid navigation, the way in which Business Central is displayed when using a mobile or tablet horizontally has also been improved. Even now you can “drag” related information on the screen.

As for tablets, the form of menu design has also been redistributed in its horizontal view. Navigation controls have been moved to the left panel, allowing users to quickly jump to a different page and start tasks. The navigation functions will move to the right panel resulting in better scrolling in the Role Center.

Improvements in filters and list views

As your business grows so do the data of customers, items, suppliers, etc. In 2019, with wave 2, users were able to save the filters permanently for later use, providing greater productivity.

On this occasion, with the launch of wave 1 2020, we seek to continue improving the filters. For example, using expressions such as date range or it will also be easier to modify the filter by using the keyboard or mouse.

How to save a view? When you are on a list page, simply save the URL in your browser as a favorite.

And in the case of losing the connection or if the web page is reloaded, Business Central will allow you to continue where you left it re-entering the last view that you worked on.

Other improvements

Telemetry in Application Insights

Partners can proactively help their customers with login problems or other technical problems.

Could it be that you have repeated failed attempts when you want to log in to Business Central? Through telemetry your partner can proactively help you, speeding up the reaction time to solve this problem.

How does it work? The Business Central server gives notice of both failed and successful session notifications, when registering these events, the metrics and messages are conformed to your partner. At that point it is the partner who can proactively contact you with this information and immediately help you to work without impediments.

Integration of Business Central with the Common Data Service

Thanks to this improvement, several companies can connect to the same Common Data Service. That is, to associate a company that uses Business Central with another commercial unit through the Common Data Service, connecting so that the common data of the database will be synchronized

What is the CDS? Common Data Service allows users to have a 360 degree view of your business, because it is in the center of the Dynamics 365 suite. In this way, since the data is in the CDS, it allows users to share and cross over the data.

In this 2020 the solution will contain the extensibility capability, being able to create Common Data Service tables and CDS table extensions, thus allowing the synchronization of any custom attribute.

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