reporting tools

Benefits of Reporting Tools

The reporting tools can be used by all types of companies. The idea of a ​​reporting systems is to provide information and analysis with the necessary detail for each type of user.

With reporting you can extract and present data in tables, graphs, charts and other visualizations so that users can find useful information. You can also create ideal reports to print. A reporting tool is usually an application that is integrated with an ERP business software suite such as Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Reports can vary in their interactivity, there are static reports where users can only observe them, and interactive reports that allow you to change what you want to see in the report through various visualization elements.

Through interactive reports you can drill down on several levels of data with the click of a button. Also browse, sort, filter and view the data for your specific needs.

Do you use Excel to analyze your data?

Forget about the need to understand difficult data models or rely on scarce technical resources. Reporting tools such as Jet Reports are the answer for financial and operational reports with an intuitive and easy-to-use interface directly within Excel.

Get corporate analytics and business analysis by implementing reports twice as fast as traditional BI methods with storage automation and data processes.

You can also use Power BI as a visualizer for your data.

How to use reporting tools?

When you learn how to use them, you can do any small modification yourself without having to request a new project.

At Triangle we give support and design structure, and if you have doubts about where you can find specific information and how it can be structured, we provide training to start using reporting tools.

Are there reporting tools on cloud?

Workflows are easy to configure, implement and integrate quickly with Dynamics 365 Business Central. We recommend Jet Hub as an answer for cases where distance collaboration is needed and to see reports from anywhere, analyzing the budget, collaborating and controlling in one place.

Benefits of Reporting Tools

  • Pre-designed templates to use with your ERP (Microsoft Dynamics NAV / 365 Business Central), ready and adaptable, (for example, executive overview and comparison of accounts).
  • Create report designs in a simple way, where you can drag and drop directly into Excel.
  • Use any Excel functionality in your reports as graphs, formulas, images and dynamic tables.
  • Automated reports and execution schedule.
  • Unify reports from different databases.
  • From the cloud you can keep up to date by modifying and evaluating reports from any device.
If you master it, you do not need to make a new design when you need a new report

These analysis and planning tools are a very simple way to see the data, even if you have different data you can cross them from different sources (navision, access, excel …) you can create your own reporting by grouping everything on a single page.

For this reason we recommend Jet Reports where you can create reports once and always use them. It is easy to use and maintains the integrity of your reports intact. When you have to migrate or upgrade to a newer version or ERP system, you can transfer the reports from one version to another.