ERP para pequeñas empresas

Benefits of implementing an ERP in a small company

Many people still think that an ERP is a tool only indicated for medium and large companies. And although this may have been the scenario in the recent past, with the democratization of the cloud and the new SaaS (Software as a Service) services, the reality is that an ERP is a useful and almost indispensable system for any company, regardless of its size or billing. Having an ERP has become a distinctive feature of companies’ DNA.

Benefits of an ERP for small businesses

Like any software implementation, implementing an ERP in a company, regardless of its size, must be done in a planned manner and after a period of investigation, to ensure its success. The benefits you can see after its implementation are diverse and depend on the state from which your company was before the start, but broadly the main benefits are the following:


One of the key benefits of an ERP is an increase in efficiency in the day-to-day management of the company. When you consolidate the information of all the departments of your company in a single system, you will reduce process times and costs. In addition, you will avoid duplication of data and eliminate redundant processes, for example, of introducing the same information in the different systems of each department. In short, you will be contributing to improve the competitiveness of your company.


When you have information in real time about all the departments of your company and its main indicators, you will be able to make better informed decisions about your business.

Having a general idea of ​​how your business performs and being able to respond quickly to changes in the environment is crucial especially for small businesses in the growth curve that are competing to carve out a place in a highly competitive market.

In addition, an ERP not only makes the information more accessible to all members of your team, but also facilitates its sharing among departments. Increase collaboration will help you solve problems and you will gain agility in your day to day to stay competitive.


That you can access your company’s data from any place and device will make you gain control and you can move your office wherever you go. In addition, if members of your company work outside the offices, they can also perform their tasks from a Tablet or any portable device. The reports are done before they arrive at the offices.

Low cost

The ERPs proposed as SaaS do not require the purchase of a license or maintenance and infrastructure costs. For this reason, accessing them will be much cheaper than with a traditional ERP.


Unlike traditional ERP installations, you do not need to learn anything about the maintenance and installation of the tool. Your provider will offer you the resources that are necessary for the implementation to work on its own without problems, without the need for you to incorporate a technician in your team.

How do I know if I need an ERP?

There are several reasons that may lead you to consider the implementation of an ERP in your company. The most common are:

  • Keep the historical data of your company in a disorganized, inconsistent and sometimes repeated way.
  • It is impossible for you to easily access the key indicators of your company that will allow you to make future decisions.
  • The different departments of your company are not connected and do not work collaboratively; so that processes are repeated and data is duplicated.
  • You can not foresee future expenses or make forecasts. You feel overwhelmed in all your processes and it is difficult for you to maintain control.

How do I know which ERP is best suited to my company?

In the same way that there are various reasons that can lead small companies to consider the implementation of an ERP system, there are also a variety of ERPs for this business target. Before deciding on a specific product, you should spend time investigating which ERP resonates more with your business policy and with which one you will feel more comfortable. Remember, yes, it is an investment in the medium to long term, although the effects you will notice in the first months of use.

From Grup de Serveis Triangle we recommend the implementation of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, the third generation of Microsoft ERPs, which incorporates the entire Dynamics NAV core at a reduced price to the cloud.

The experience of more than 27 years working with this product leads us to affirm that it is an ERP that easily adapts to any type of industry and company size.

If you would like more information about how Business Central can help your company grow, please contact us through our contact page by clicking here.