Benefits of an unlimited support plan for Dynamics NAV & Navision

Benefits of an unlimited support plan for Dynamics NAV & Navision

Undoubtedly, your Enterprise Resource Planning tool (ERP) has a vital importance for your company, since from this software you control all the processes of your business. Your workers use it daily. Do you want to give them the best possible help?

When you evaluate possibilities of support of Dynamics NAV or Dynamics 365 Business Central you will find that there are many different possibilities of hiring this service: by hours, by packs of issues, by minutes … Each partner can propose a different option and you might be confused. It is very difficult to plan in advance how much support time you will need, especially if you start working with the tool. In this article you will discover the benefits that an unlimited support plan brings to your company. Still have doubts about whether you really need unlimited support or if you want to hire a 10-hour pack? Keep reading to find the answer.

Main benefits

By evaluating support options, you can conclude that an unlimited support plan is a recurring excessive expense, considering the investment made to implement your ERP. But you should not consider this amount as an expense but as an investment that will allow you to take full advantage of the capabilities of your ERP.

What is the use of working with a modern and updated tool if you cannot learn to work with the new functionality? As you know, Dynamics 365 Business Central releases two new versions annually (in addition to small improvements delivered through the monthly Cumulative Updates). What is the point of working with software that will give you new possibilities monthly if you do not have the capacity to discern which ones may be relevant to your company? The Customer Success Department will be responsible for explaining the new functionality through monthly FAQs and documentation on the Triangle 360 ​​portal.

But without a doubt, the greatest benefit of an unlimited support plan is the peace of mind that you will count on the necessary support whatever the circumstance. As you will not have restricted the number of contacts (either by incidents or by hours), you can create new incidents or queries whenever you want, and your team will never be left with a question in mind. You will always have access to all the knowledge of the Support Department. Being able to solve all their doubts will help your employees to work with more confidence and can help you detect early operational errors, which discovered later would have a greater impact on your day to day both economic and of resources.

In addition, all queries created by the Key Users of your company will appear in your history in the Triangle 360 ​​portal, so that if the same question arises again you can find the answer quickly through a search.

On the other hand, an unlimited support plan allows you to be prepared to face future eventualities that can endanger your daily life such as changes in staff or unexpected increase in activity. Whatever the situation, you know that you can successfully overcome any contingency that involves the use of Dynamics NAV or Business Central.

With the commitment you want

Finally, you have the peace of mind (if you wish) to pay a monthly fee in the same way that you are already paying the EPR licenses. This translates into a monthly commitment of the service or, which is the same, you can regulate the service based on your activity forecast. And, even if the commitment is monthly, an annual review of the use of the service will be made to check if the consumption meets your expectations and thus be able to regularize it. With total transparency.

Triangle’s advice

Do you think that an unlimited support plan would fit your way of understanding the business? Our best advice is to give this modality an opportunity to experience all its benefits.Contact us here to follow this conversation.