Advice to maintain a healthy business

Although we tend to think that the only way to generate income in a business is to sell, sell and sell some more, the reality shows us that there are other ways to localise yourself in order to improve benefits and profitability.

The first important variable to highlight is to create a solid financial management, which underpins the processes and strategic axis of the company. Many businesses give this department a management vision when it needs to be the oil that greases the wheels of the company.

Another variable is, undoubtedly, communication. This must facilitate the understanding between departments, as well as make decision making easier. For this reason, tools like Skype emerged, vital for simplifying communication between members of the company and with customers and suppliers.

Following the thread of applications, technology is what must enable us to reach the maximum efficiency in the simplification and automation of business processes. Investment in ERP and CRM tools will underpin the growth of a company.

Finally, the most difficult variable to control and the most vital: the human factor. Having a motivated, trained and involved team will be the key to enabling the company to grow.