Discover how Triangle can help each member of your company

Entendemos que los diferentes roles de tu empresa tienen diferentes necesidades. ¡Estamos aquí para ayudarte!

From Dynamics NAV to Business Central

Each role has its specific characteristics and functions that, together, collaborate to project the objective of the company. We can help you optimize the use of Business Central or Dynamics NAV in all its versions, through different support service channels, .


  • Power the growth of your company: if you can’t keep up with the growth rate even if you hire more people, we will help you automate repetitive tasks, create efficient workflows and optimize your work circuits.
  • Work everywhere: if you work on-premise and mobility is a handicap when you’re out of the office, remember that our infrastructure architects can help you configure your environment so you can access it from any device and place.
  • Maintain your competitive axis: the Customer Success team is responsible for identifying the possible training deficiencies of your team and act quickly. With our training plans we can offer you both recycling and from 0 courses so that the new employees adapt quickly to their job.
  • Reliable information and reports: if reporting is a key piece of your organization, we offer you support of the most powerful tools on the market: Jet Reports and Jet Analytics. Learn to squeeze the full potential of this reporting tool to customize your reports and rely on our consultants to design the most complex reports.
  • Improve the productivity of your team: thanks to the in-app support experience your team will gain in productivity while minimizing changes between applications.
  • Global vision of the company: we know that your position has made a strategic turn in recent years. It is essential that you can count on our team to develop future strategies that include the digital transformation of your company and ensure the ROI of these investments.


  • Monitor financial insights: the support team will help you detect the key financial indicators for your business. In addition, you can lend a hand in the design of dashboards that help you monitor them.
  • Digitize all your documentation: do your suppliers send invoices by email or postal mail? Manual processes often result in errors. Take advantage of the invoice scanning benefits. Our Customer Success team will help you get it running fast.
  • Automate and avoid errors: if you want to have all the circuits well organized among the members of your team, rely on our support team to design your approval workflows

Purchasing Manager

  • The end of the paper documentation: our Customer Success team will help you discern whether the implementation of a document reading and scanning system (OCR) can help you earn minutes daily.
  • All your work in the same environment: take advantage of our special training of the integration between Business Central & Office 365 to learn how to manage all your work from Outlook and gain in productivity.
  • Optimize your order point: we know how important it is for you to optimize each order. This is why our support team can help you configure the optimal order point and train you to understand this functionality.


  • Analysis tools at your fingertips: it is essential in your daily life to have autonomy in the design of reports. We want to be by your side and offer you support in the most complex reports in which you need help.
  • Simplify the presentation of results: you have the challenge of presenting complex financial results simply. When the design of a report becomes a nightmare, you have just one click to our BI support department.
  • Meet the objectives: Be advised by our team of consultants to optimize the work processes of the different departments of your company and thus contribute to the fulfillment of your objectives.

Collection Management

  • Cash flow optimization: let yourself be advised by our support team for the optimization and search for the efficiency of your cash flow reports.
  • Take advantage of the benefits of Artificial Intelligence: our support team will advise you on the configuration of the intelligent assistant Cortana Intelligence so that it gives you some predictions of payment of your clients as closely adjusted to reality.
  • Create your pending collection reports: if it is difficult for you to update and design your own reports in an agile way, our consultants will help you achieve it with the use of Jet Reports. With these reports you will be able to detect possible collection problems in advance, before suffering a significant delay.

IT Manager

  • Consistency of your integrations: it is essential that the integrations between your ERP and third-party applications have a good architecture and coexist with the rest of the tools of your digital ecosystem. Our IT team will help you monitor and optimize your integrations and minimize errors.
  • Boost your transformation strategy: If you are ready to go to the cloud, we will advise and support you in this strategy. If you are already in the cloud, we will continue by your side to optimize your environments and ensure good performance.
  • Committed to your security: we proactively offer recurring training on security, roles, permits and approvals so that you design coherent flows that do not compromise access to your company’s data.
  • Best practices in developments: if you need to customize your ERP, we work following the best practices provided by Microsoft to ensure that your modifications can easily migrate to new versions and do not affect the performance of your implementation.

Project Manager

  • Organize your team efficiently: we will provide you with the most optimal tools to efficiently organize the tasks of the different projects your team manages. If the product standard does not meet your expectations, we will train you in more advanced planning tools.
  • Budgeting with precision: we know how important it is to control the profitability of a project, for this reason we will help you define your analytical dimensions so that you can accurately calculate the benefit of each project.
  • Consult the centralized information: we will accompany you in the definition of a digital ecosystem that allows you to centralize in your ERP all the necessary information for your day to day. Even support will be in-app!


  • You will never work alone: if you spend part of your working day outside the office making visits, we know how important it is for you to feel supported. Our support team will answer your questions in-app and by telephone so that your daily agenda is not compromised.
  • No mobility problems: Salespeople are changing the way they work. When you are out of the office you need access to the information of your contacts. Our infrastructure architects can help you configure your environment so you can access it from any device and place in the most efficient way.
  • More time to “sell”: administrative work occupies a good part of your day. To save you time to do what you do best, our team will advise you on how to take advantage of and implement all the automatisms that incorporate Microsoft solutions.

Warehouse Operator

  • Eliminate manual data entry: if you work with an ERP, you should not be entering data manually. Our team of consultants will help you define the digitalization strategy of your warehouse.
  • Define your reporting metrics: take advantage of our predefined dashboards to track inventory as you enter and leave the warehouse instead of checking the stock once it has been stored.
  • Optimize the distribution of the warehouse: draw the distribution of the warehouse so that your team does not have to run up and down to complete the orders. Trust our team of consultants to carry out this task.

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