Discover how Triangle can help each member of your company

At Triangle we understand that the different roles in your company have different needs. We’re here to help you!

Grow with your company: if your system can’t keep up to speed no matter how many people you hire, it’s time for our consultants to help you to automate repetitive tasks, create efficient work flows and optimise your business.

Financial roleWork everywhere: the business doesn’t stop because you’re on holiday or working from home. Now you can work with and contact your team from almost anywhere and with any device if you upgrade to the new versions of Dynamics NAV.

Keep being competitive: identify training weaknesses and act accordingly quickly to keep ahead of your competition. With our Dynamics NAV training plans, you will be able to offer new knowledge as well as courses so that new staff adapt quickly to their job role.

Improve your team’s productivity: thanks to the Triangle 360 consistent user experience, your team will unify all of their communications with Triangle, saving time. In addition, you will be able to manage support tickets and projects through this tool, always being able to consult the historical information.

Count on a strategic partner: minimise risks and lean on a strategic partner who supports your long term business strategy.

Simplify processes: upgrading your Dynamics NAV version is a much easier and accessible task than you think, also counting on all of the functional benefits of the new versions of your ERP which will help you to simplify your processes.

administrative roleAnalytical tools at your reach: the new versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV provide you with analytical Business Intelligence and reporting tools that you can model according to your needs.

Manage the business, not the servers: by running business applications on the cloud, the initial software costs are reduced and there is no need for costly local servers. Furthermore, you can add or remove users as the team changes.

Continuously learning: Triangle’s training plans will enable you to become a true Navision expert. We ensure you that there will not be a Microsoft ERP function that defeats you.

You will never be alone: Triangle’s Customer Success Team offers functional and technical support to solve all of your doubts and issues.

Analytical tools at your reach: the new versions of Microsoft Dynamics NAV provide you with analytical Business Intelligence and reporting tools that you can model according to your needs to get the reports you need.

controller roleTrain your teams: Triangle’s training courses will enable the finance and accounting team under your control to know all of the Dynamics NAV functionalities so they can be more productive.

Error detection: Dynamics NAV reports and all of the Business Intelligence charts that you can configure will help you to avoid deviations and errors.

Guarantee objectives are met: let one of our consultants advise you to optimise the work processes of your business and therefore contribute to meeting your business objectives.

Protect and control your data: we help you to protect your technological platform, from the server to the cloud, with the peace of mind that a trusted supplier is supporting your business processes and keeping you connected and informed.

IT roleThe technological support you need: the Customer Success Department will help you to keep up to date in terms of software updates, security, data protection, etc.

Understand the new ecosystem: through training, you will be able to understand what the new cloud scenario on Azure consist of and how they structure the servers, databases…

Count on a strategic leader: work closely with a partner who is at the cutting edge of technological innovation.

Drive the digital transformation: you will have the flexibility you need to change your work flows and processes so that your business can continue to meet regulations and respond to the costly changes in development work and systems.

Semi-automatic migrations: Microsoft plans to launch a new version of Dynamics NAV every year. This is why they want upgrades to the new versions to be semi-automatic and have introduced the development with EVENTS. If you progressively adapt your modifications to EVENTS, it will be easier and automatic to migrate to the new versions.

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