4 reasons to update Navision

There are numerous reasons why being with the latest versions of Dynamics NAV is beneficial for your business. The new developmental advances indicate that it will become easier, automatic and less costly to change the version of Navision. If you are interested in migrating version, continue reading!

Below we explain the 4 main settings in which you might find yourself and why you should consider changing your version of Dynamics NAV.

    • If you are currently working with an old version:If you are many versions behind the current version of Dynamics NAV, there are probably functionalities in your current tool that have become obsolete or even many functionalities that you no longer use because they slow down your work.
    • If you are currently working with a version which isn’t supported: If Microsoft no longer supports your version of Dynamics NAV, you can’t benefit from the developments of changes in legal regulations or the functionality available in the new versions.
    • If you have errors in compatibility of systems: If you work with an old version, it is possible that the version of your ERP is restricting which software equipment or servers you need to work.
    • If you want to benefit from the new functionality: The new versions of Dynamics NAV incorporate a very interesting new functionality that can help you to optimise your work processes and work more comfortably and flexibly through the improved apps for Tablet and Smartphone.


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