From accounting management system to ERP software

4 reasons to change your accounting management system for an ERP

Is your business growing and you can not manage all your clients, products or services in your accounting tool? Do you need to be able to register more data in order to have a broader view of your business? Due to the increase in business, do you need to report more reports or declare to more organisms and want to do it automatically? If you have answered affirmatively to any of the above questions, you need to abandon your current accounting system to make the jump to an ERP.

When you took the first steps in your business, you supported yourself in an accounting system, which surely still helps you today with the most basic accounting tasks. But you are aware that if you want to plan a long-term strategy for the future, you need to look for an ERP that will help you along this path. Next, we will list the reasons why you should move from an accounting management system to an ERP.

Access to a complete analytic

If access to data is complex and the resulting information gives you little confidence, you are delaying decision making. Dynamics 365 Business Central will allow you to consult your data in real time and from any device and, in addition, you will always be able to navigate to the origin of the data to carry out the verifications that you consider appropriate.

Business Central also incorporates the entire analytical structure in Dynamics NAV Dimensions. Dimensions are attributes and values ​​that classify movements so that you can track and analyze them. For example, the dimensions can indicate from which project or department a movement proceeds.

Collaboration between different departments

If the different departments of your company are disconnected, it means that you are duplicating information. Through Business Central you can connect all your departments (purchases, sales, financial, production, warehouse, customer service, etc.) to have a complete view of your company. In addition, the data is shared and, therefore, you will avoid introducing the same data more than once and will avoid the possible associated manual errors.

In addition, different departments can work from different devices if necessary, to further facilitate the use of the tool.

Automation of your processes

Do you have the feeling that your employees invest too much time in tasks that do not add value? If the answer is positive, you need to automate your business processes so that your workers can focus on those jobs that do help to grow the business.

Data loss and security

With a good structure of permissions and roles you will make sure that only the necessary people have access to the information, thus avoiding mistakes or data loss.

Unlike the implementation of a traditional ERP, which is often expensive and complicated, Business Central inherits the entire Dynamics NAV core with the potential of the cloud to be implemented more quickly and efficiently. Do you dare to discover why it is the leading ERP in Europe?